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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can play?

A: Anyone can play.  Coworkers. Friends. Family. Neighbors. Even distant family that want to follow the game with you.

Q: Can I use this pool at my Super Bowl Party?

A: Yes!  Get everyone to pick some squares and you'll have the best Super Bowl party ever!  It will draw even the most disinterested people out of the kitchen and into the game.  Everyone will be anxiously watching for score changes to see what happens to them in the pool grid.  Even granny will be rooting for that missed extra point because of where it puts her in the pool grid!!  :)

Q: What is the password to enter a square?

A: No password is needed

Q: Do I have to pay on-line?

A:  No. You can pay any elite-x softball member directly - or - you can pay by VENMO:  @elite-x  (please indicate which squares it's for and what team it's for in the comments)

Q: How are winnings paid out?

A: winnings are paid through the elite-x member you bought from or directly from Elite-X Softball electronically.

Q: How are the proceeds split?

A: Winning squares get $100.  Squares adjacent to a winning square get $25

Q: What are the best squares to play?

A: There is no best square since it's completely random. EVERY square has an equal chance of winning. So it really doesn't matter which squares you choose.  Pick your lucky #.  

Q: What if the score doesn't change from quarter to quarter?

A: The Super Bowl Grid changes to new random numbers for each quarter - so if the score doesn't change, new people can win!

Q: How are the numbers assigned to each column and row?

A: The website randomly assigns numbers from 0-9 to the columns and rows before the start of the game. Once the pool grid is locked, the numbers cannot be changed.

Q: Can I purchase open squares after the game has started?

A: No. The pools are locked at the start of the game and the grid #'s for each quarter are published on our FaceBook page:

Q: How long do I have to pay for my squares?

A: You should pay for your square within a day or so.  Payments taken directly by an elite-x softball member will be turned in weekly.  Any squares not paid for will be released for another person to choose.

Q: How many pools can I play in?

A: You can play in as many pool grids as you like.

Q: What are my odds of winning?

A: Your odds depend on how many squares you purchase.  However, the odds of winning are higher in this format because we include the adjacent squares as winners.  

Q: Why do adjacent squares win too?

A: Because it's more fun!  It engages more people and allows for up to 20 winners in a single pool.

Q: Can I pick the Scores? What is the Strategy to win?

A: There is NO strategy and  you do not pick scores.  The column and row numbers are assigned randomly, so there is virtually no strategy to win. It's all random so any square has an equal chance of winning!

Q: How/When are winners announced?

A: The winning squares are published on our FaceBook page after each quarter.  Winners are contacted by email and paid electronically.